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    BASE[Base] Clash of clans - Town Hall 6 (Th6) Clan war Base with 2 Air Defenses [Anti Air/Anti Giant] 2016 (youtube. If there is something relevant out there you will find it here. Dec 4, 2015 Today's Clash of Clans update sneak peek is a little more reserved, with Supercell only revealing two new Achievements incoming. Dec 13, 2015 Supercell's “Clash of Clans” developers are facing criticism for the changes made in the Town Hall 11 update. According to reports, the game Supercell, the creators of the super popular Clash of Clans, have announced Update (2/8): Last month we told you that Supercell launched Clash Royale to Best Clash of Clans Bot ✓ Gain millions of resources every day effortless & stay online 24/7 to avoid getting attacked ✓ This is the top players' secret!. Jan 13, 2016 Another Clash of Clans update is coming in early 2016 to fix some big problems. Here are the Jan 16, 2016 Despite Supercell's promise to update 'Clash of Clans' in the upcoming days with the Loot Cart, the Star Bonus and the Treasury, 'Clash of  1. From a new Dark Elixir troop, Town Hall 10 changes & more. Check out the latest Tweets from Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) Chief, the Treasury UPDATE is going live today! Last chance to boost TH11 Update Megathread! . Dec 12, 2015 Players reportedly complained of download issues, lag and other issues surrounding the "Clash of Clans" update. (Photo : YouTube/Godson Jan 26, 2016 Hi guys, Because of the previous update and lots of negative feedbacks from the Clash of Clans community, finally Supercell has made an Jan 4, 2016 The addicting online game "Clash of Clans" has been revealed to have numerous updates for the upcoming year!6 days ago The January update that "Clash of Clans" gamers have been waiting for finally arrived in the game last week. Chief, the Treasury UPDATE is going live. Jan 30, 2016 The much anticipated Clash of Clans update to fix loot issues along with the new loot cart, treasury and star bonus feature is released, Jan 15, 2016 The massive Town Hall 11 update for “Clash of Clans” launched last December, and it received negative feedback from fans of the game. com). 2 days ago New details have emerged about a big Clash of Clans update coming in March. Read here all Rumors, Leaks and News about the next Clash of Clans Update. From daily goals, loot carts full of money & more. As a response to the player feedback, Clan Castle resource capacity and Clan Perks adjusted · I did not get a Loot Cart after defense · I can't use my Can I play Clash offline or without multiplayer?Dec 16, 2015 'Clash of Clans' Developer SuperCell is reportedly facing tough criticisms over failed 'Town Hall 11' update. 28M followers. Dec 15, 2015 'Clash of Clans' just underwent the biggest update in the game's history and most gamers hate it. 'What level Check out the The Wizard that Let None Pass, a true tale of Clash Achievery! Clash of Clans's photo. Jan 20, 2016 "Clash Of Clans'" Town Hall 11 update has been a decisive one, but a new apologetic loot update is expected to release next week. Read the latest sneak peeks about the Jan 14, 2016 Clash of Clans” has gotten considerable flack for the changes in the last major update of the game. The ADec 3, 2015 The new minion is reportedly introduced to counter the improved defense system in the new "Clash of Clans" update. Find out Jan 23, 2016 "Clash Of Clans" is expected to get an update next week that adds a Treasury system to the game